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Sunny Rosario Trujillo ~ Psychic Medium ~ Intuitive Consultant ~ Canada

Sunny Rosario is a transformational psychic medium. Sunny communicates with your spirit guides and crossed-over loved ones in order to bring you impactful messages that help facilitate emotional healing and personal growth.

As a second-generation medium, Sunny was raised with the belief that spirit energy is around all us all of the time. “My passion is letting clients know the good news – that they can tap into Spirit on their own!”

For Ms. Rosario, tapping into spirit energy doesn’t just mean summoning up spirits for afternoon tea. “You can build the life of your dreams around the idea that Spirit is everywhere. Our spirit guides and crossed-over loved ones merely show up to lift our spirits and cheer us on!”

On her website, one client states in her testimonial: “Sunny is very careful not to leave you confused or lost during or at the end of the reading.” Clients further describe Sunny’s reading style as upbeat, funny, cheerful…and direct. As a medium, Sunny Rosario believes that the truth really does set you free. In readings, Sunny works with clients around the issues at the very core of their lives. Crossed-over loved ones and spirit guides often bring up the things we stuff inside ourselves and leave unaddressed. Because they want the absolute best for us, they will often nudge us to grow beyond our fears and limitations. Sometimes, this makes for intense reading sessions. Sunny works hard to find light in the darkness.

As a large part of her practice, Sunny also mentors psychic children and other grown sensitives to overcome fear and learn to thrive with abilities. “I experienced tremendous fear when I saw spirits as a child. As an adult, I kept attracting negative energy due to all of my unchecked fears.” In addition to readings, police work, house blessings, gallery readings and mentorship, Sunny throws quarterly workshops for other psychics.

Sunny is married with three sons and is the only female in the household. Even the cat, Boobs, and the dog, Saint, are boys. “It’s okay,” she says. “I’m a psychic medium. I have them all outwitted!” Despite all of the household commotion, she has written one book.

Please note if 10 mins into the reading with your consultant you do not feel that the reading is going accordingly, or that you are not gelling with the consultant. Then you have a right to stop the reading and ask for a refund. If you wait to the end of the reading then ask, it is up to the consultant as an individual party to decide if they wish to refund you or not. The founder of the organization is not liable for refunds on behalf of individual consultants. As they are all independent contractors. Not all members are certified by this organization, some are just members of the organizations directory. The ones who are certified have gone through training with our organization and they will say so on their websites.

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