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Natalie Cooney~ Angel  Consultant ~ Tarot Consultant ~ Intuitive Life Coach ~ Intuitive Consultant ~ London ~ Ontario ~ Canada

Tel: 1 231 640 9196

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Celtic Clairity - Sil" an Chroi"- Pathway of the Heart

Welcome to my sacred web space and virtual healing space :) My name is Natalie Cooney and I am here to assist you on your life's journey.

My life purpose is to be of service to you in ways in which you need me to be in this present moment;  a 'soul friend' , healer, life /purpose/wellness/spiritual coach, cheerleader, accountability partner,help you to identify and overcome any obstacles/barriers within all aspects of your life  that are holding you back and keeping you "stuck"~ spiritually,mentally, emotionally and physically. 

Together we will walk side by side as you learn techniques to empower yourself, raise your level of consciousness/vibration ,recognize your own inner strengths and talents and cultivate courage to dream again and manifest those dreams into your current reality. Be prepared to DREAM BIG and LIVE your BEST LIFE!!

As a Celtic Fili'/Shaman, Intuitive Healer/ Reader/ Yogini ....and Professional 

I believe that it through creating a sacred spaced filled with unconditional love and compassion for the many aspects of life existence ; each and every interaction with another on our lives journey is where  true healing begins to awaken and blossom. Mirroring Divine perfection  through one another.

The beauty and gift of tragedy and trauma within my life has awakened a somewhat mystical transformational myriad of experiences  in which I work within limiting confines of my own "disabilities" or rather " unique abilities", These seemingly impairments have somehow by the graces of divinity forever changed the perception of myself, others and the world in which I now exist.

I follow an awaken sense of intuition and seek the lesser known hidden places within the "tween places",seeking alternative possible realities that exist between divinity and the manifestation of the physical that sacred space....where matter is birthed...almost...."aleatorically"..manipulated by light, shadows, times,space, reflections and my own lens of perception.

Imbas Forosnai" - Celtic Healing Arts

ImbasForosnai'- is the gift of clairvoyance or visionary ability practiced by many gifted healers, druids,poets of ancient Ireland. In Old Irish-Gaelic- Imbas means "inspiration" or  illumination".

As a Celtic Fili"/Shaman, Healer... my greatest offering I have for you is my loving intention that the illusionary blind folds that cover the "eyes of your heart".....begins to compassionately dissolve and awaken you to the expansiveness of your own an evolutionary process to transcend, breakdown and reconstruction of your human's mind perception of dis-ease, separation, differences and limitations of the interconnectedness of the sacred mystical symbiotic relationship between humanity, nuances within nature/elemental world and our fundamental Divine essence that is common to all.

 ImbasForosnai Celtic Shamanic  healing sessions are a means to assist  you in seeking clairity within your life's journey and awaken to your authentic higher self  assisting, awakening the remembrance of  wholeness and harmonizing well-being within your spirit,heart, mind,emotions, physical being and environment; to remember, revive,reclaim your  Divine place within the universe.

This is done by intuitively accessing  the subtle levels of your energetic systems to identify, clear in- grained rooted disturbances, imbalances and  patterns that create imbalances within spirit, mind, emotions and physical body. This allows for restoration, balance and  restoring harmony  within all aspects of your being and increasing the flow of universal energy within all areas of your life.........and allow You to create the life you dream of living.

I love assisting Indigo, Crystal, Empaths and Star children as well as adults along their spiritual journey. 


Certifications: CYT 200, CYT 500, CYT 1200, (CYT- Certified Yoga Therapist 1800 hr plus over 6000 client hours ), Specializing in Trauma Informed Approaches , CMT 200 (Certified Meditation Therapist),Traditional USUI/Tibetian Reiki RYOHO, Celtic Reiki, Ayurvedic Nutritional Consultant, Integrative Wellness Coach, Master Life Coach, Ordained Minister and other traditional spiritual teachings from various spiritual elders and medicine people.